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just good.

Application tips

Safely better.

Anyone can view or download information about our product systems, innumerable explanations and application videos with loads of special tips and tricks on everything to do with cutting and grinding here – professionals, specialist dealers or DIY fans. We also see training specialist dealers as one of our core tasks so that they can provide customers with the "right" grinding tool for optimum results. RHODIUS application engineers help Rhodius trade partners and their customers throughout Europe daily.

Safely better.

Grinding tools can be potentially lethal if used incorrectly. This is why we are not just a founding member of oSa (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives) and its safety guidelines, but also actively explain how grinding tools should be used safely and correctly both on the spot and online.  Naturally, we also continue developing even safer and more ergonomic products so as to further restrict hazard sources.