RHODIUS Solutions with Hub

RHODIUS manufactures cutting discs, grinding discs and flap discs to order, including the matching hubs,

all in compliance with the latest ANSI standards. Giving you tools of the highest quality. The RHODIUS Hubbing System is a unique, fail-safe, throw-away hub assembly that ensures an extremely strong hub-to-wheel stability by combining a high performance epoxy bonding system with a mechanically locking system and a state-of-the-art, fully automated hubbing machine.

RHODIUS Hubbing discs give you a double benefit. You get high-performance cutting discs, grinding discs and flap discs with innovative technologies that make work easier, but also profit from manufacturing processes that make maximum efficiency and product quality possible. Reduce complexity in your supply chain and take advantage of the RHODIUS Hubbing System to get your high quality wheels and hubs from a single source.

It is a core principle at RHODIUS always to provide end users with the best tools. For over 60 years, we have been committed to making the work of professionals in the metalworking industry not just easier, but safer too. A hubbing attachment makes mounting without a flange even easier.

Simply mount and go!