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Around fifty years ago, Rudolph Rhodius set off in the VW bus that he’d converted into a mobile workshop to try out his newly-developed cutting discs in local factories and plants. He brought with him one of the first RHODIUS innovations.

The same has not changed at RHODIUS until today.

How can different materials be cut, ground and finished cost-effectively with ultra-high precision? That’s where our professional know-how comes in.

Thanks to our 60-plus years of sales experience from our business partnerships, we know and understand the day-to-day problems and challenges faced by professional users. A thorough understanding of the products and applications is the key to ensuring highquality workmanship.

Of course, you do need to be prepared to make careful observations and talk to users, so as to understand how the working materials are processed in the various industries. The resulting products from our unique manufacturing technologies are premium, Made in Germany tools offering unparalleled quality.

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