HydroProtect: blocks moisture
for a longer-lasting improved power.

The innovation for grinding tools

A protection that pays off. In multiple ways.

Resin-bonded grinding wheels age and their performance diminishes over time – when they are not used. RHODIUS has come up a with formula, HydroProtect, that slows down the ageing process caused by moisture and retains the performance of grinding wheels sustainably.

Thus, this results in a noticeable added value for specialist dealers in terms of purchases and storage and also for the end user through longer-lasting high performance.

How HydroProtect work:

Conventional disc

During the storage of grinding wheels, moisture penetrates between the bond matrix and abrasive grains.
This weakens the bond and the grains break out during the cutting process without effect.

Rhodius with HydroProtect

Thanks to the altered recipe, the abrasive grains are encased in a protective barrier layer.
This reduces the premature splintering of the abrasive grains so that the performance and efficiency of the grinding wheel is optimised.