Freehand cutting discs with a 400 mm diameter

A new dimension in discs: the two freehand cutting discs FT30 and FT40 were launched in 2021. An alternative to the 300 mm and 350 mm diameters, both of these RHODIUS cutting discs are now also available in 400 mm.

The FT30 is specially designed for cutting steel and cast steel with a petrol cut-off saw or electric cutting machine. With its extra reinforcement, the FT30 also handles high lateral loads (50 N according to EN 12413 and oSa), which ensures it can be safely used as a freehand cutting disc. A high cutting speed combined with a long lifetime means that the RHODIUS FT30 is an especially cost-effective choice.

Concrete products, screed, sand-lime brick, natural stone and marble have no chance against the RHODIUS FT40 – and the new freehand cutting disc also works well on titanium. The FT40 is characterised by its fast, light and cool cut. As with the FT30, the minimum lateral load is also 50 N (according to EN 12413 and oSa), so the FT40 can also be used as a free-hand cutting disc on petrol cut-off saws and electric cutting machines.

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