RHODIUS LD404 ALL IN ONE - diamond cutting disc for wall slot chasing


New diamond cutting disc for wall slot chasing

The turbo segments in the straight discs on the outside ensure that the cut is both clean and straight, while the wave-like geometry used for the inside disc(s) keeps the slot completely clear of debris.

  • Easy chasing of wall slots in widths of 30 and 40 mm
  • No need to knock out the middle channel
  • Reduces dirt and dust while cutting job times by up to half
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RHODIUS XT200 EXTENDED - Steel cutting disc


Steel cutting disc with 30% more performance

Thanks to a new manufacturing method, the RHODIUS XT200 EXTENDED keeps you cutting for a lot longer. Perfectly matched to standard steel, this is a best-in-class disc that is especially cost-effective.

  • Low burr formation, less sparking
  • High cutting speed even on especially hard and tough steels
  • At least 30% more performance
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RHODIUS JUMBO LONGLIFE TRIM -  Flap disc with trimmable backing


Now with even more active abrasive grains

The especially high flap density plus the zirconium/ceramic mixed grain means that the new RHODIUS flap disc JUMBO LONGLIFE EXTENDED offers much greater performance plus a longer lifetime.

  • 30% improved stock removal performance on steel and stainless steel
  • Whole flap is used, down to the end
  • Suitable for fillet weld grinding
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RHODIUS tools for X-LOCK

Cutting discs, flap discs and diamond discs for X-LOCK

The innovative technologies from RHODIUS for even greater performance in metal processing can now also be used on BOSCH Professional angle grinders that use the X-LOCK system.

  • Discs for stainless steel, steel, aluminium, concrete, ceramic, natural stone
  • Simple tool change without accessories
  • Safe, fast and comfortable for the operator
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RHODIUS LD300 - Diamond cutting disc for concrete


For angle grinders, for X-LOCK and now also in larger diameters up to 404 mm

The new RHODIUS LD300 offers users maximum performance plus an optimised lifetime for an exceptionally broad range of applications, ranging from abrasive to medium-hard and hard materials.

  • High-performance diamond cutting disc with fast cut
  • 12 mm segment height for an even longer lifetime
  • Maximum performance for wet and dry cutting
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RHODIUS XT10 - cutting disc for stainless steel


We’ve expanded our product range to include a lot of bigger diameters.

The recently improved XT10 EXTENDED is now also available in diameters of 150 mm to 230 mm.

The thin cutting disc for stainless steel meets the toughest user requirements. The XT10 EXTENDED offers an impressively high cutting speed, very low burr formation and an extra-long lifetime.

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RHODIUS XTK69 MULTI CROSS - all-rounder and approved for both cutting and grinding use


The RHODIUS XTK69 MULTI CROSS is a real all-rounder and approved for both cutting and grinding use.

Three full-coverage fibre glass layers provide the necessary side load. The disc offers a convincingly aggressive cut, and is ideal for use on stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, plastics, indoor tiles and marble.

The universal RHODIUS XTK69 MULTI CROSS disc is the ideal tool for tackling the many challenges faced in landscaping, plumbing and building site installation work.

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